Horizon 2020 - ENLIVEN

Encouraging Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive and Vibrant Europe

Work Package 5

Work Package 5: Organisational Structure of Early Careers – HRM & Innovation

Leading partner: 3s Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Austria

Work Package 5 provides the framework for in-depth organisational case studies, which forms also the base for the work in WP6 and WP7. Sixteen in-depth organisational case studies, totalling 64 in-depth interviews, will be developed. Work Package 5 will work towards the following objectives:

  • To identify how the organizational structuration of early career pathways unleash or inhibit the learning potential and innovation ability within workplaces.
  • To study what organisational models favour organizational innovation ability and young workers active participation in innovation.
  • To explore the employing organisation’s role in instilling motivation for learning and participation in formal/nonformal education among young adults.
  • To review employers’ perspective on recent adult learning policy initiatives (including cost-sharing schemes) and programmes available for adults in their early career stages.
  • To identify organisations’ needs for adult education provision currently unmet by the training market.
  • To study employers’ direct and mediated roles with the wider policy framework for adult learning.
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