Horizon 2020 - ENLIVEN

Encouraging Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive and Vibrant Europe

Work Package 3

Work Package 3: Role of European Union Governance in Adult Learning Policy

Leading partner: University of Verona, Italy

The third Work Package consists of an in-depth analyses on how different policy actors in the European region contribute to development of adult learning policies. Objectives to be addressed in the work package are:

  • To review thoroughly the ways European governance facilitates coordination of numerous initiatives taken by a large number of actors in the field of adult education.
  • To examine the ways governance mechanisms coordinated by or under the supervision of EU shared institutions, influence policies and approaches taken by EU, national and sub-national public and regulatory agencies intervening in adult education.
  • To examine how current taxonomies and indicators in European adult education developed.
  • To assess the ways PIAAC connects to other governance mechanisms for sustaining European strategies.


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