Horizon 2020 - ENLIVEN

Encouraging Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive and Vibrant Europe

Work Package 2

Work Package 2: Constraints on and Facilitators of Participation

Leading partner: University of Edinburgh (Centre for Research in Education Inclusion & DIversity), Scotland

Work Package 2 will provide insight in the factors constraining and facilitating young vulnerable adults to participate in adult lifelong education and lifelong learning programmes. The following objectives will be addressed:

  • To identify social groups that have been underserved by ALE/LLL programmes
  • To identify the barriers that the most vulnerable face in accessing, participating and benefitting from ALE/LLL programmes in relation to: Situational barriers; Institutional barriers; Dispositional barriers
  • To identify how these barriers vary among regions, countries and target populations.
  • To identify how different national, sub-national, and private programmes have tackled these barriers
  • To identify the factors, at national and sub-national level, which facilitate participation by under-represented groups.
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