Horizon 2020 - ENLIVEN

Encouraging Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive and Vibrant Europe

Abstract of Deliverable No. 10.5

It was agreed at the beginning of the project that all research data would be saved on the University of Nottingham Research drive for the duration of ENLIVEN and until longer-term storage was required. This included any data generated such as transcripts, notes of interviews and fieldwork, etc. Data on the Nottingham Research Drive is confidential. This decision was enshrined in the Data Management Plan D11.1, delivered on 30th March 2017.

From the beginning of October 2019 all ENLIVEN materials except audio recordings have been stored in the UK Data Service http://www.data-archive.ac.uk/home which is a publicly accessible and searchable data repository. It is widely publicly known and is recognised in the research fraternity. In December 2019 the UK Data Service confirmed their acceptance of all data. The acquisition system numbers allocated to our submissions are 11889-11895 and 11957 and 11958. DOIs will be allocated to all of the datasets as soon as the UK Data Service have published them; this depends on their generation of study catalogue numbers, originally scheduled for spring 2020, and has been slowed by the Covid 19 outbreak.

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