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Post-School Education and Training for Young People on the Social Margins: Evidence from Scotland

The Edinburgh research team of the ENLIVEN project ─ (from left to right) Dr Ellen Boeren, Prof Sheila Riddell and Alan Mackie.

The Edinburgh research team of the ENLIVEN project ─ (from left to right) Dr Ellen Boeren, Prof Sheila Riddell and Alan Mackie.

Date:    February 28th 2019
Time:    10.00am–12.45pm
Venue: Room 2.03 Charteris Land, Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8AQ

Synopsis of Event

The Scottish Government is committed to improving post-school provision for young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, who are more likely to leave school with few or no qualifications. Poor educational outcomes are likely to have negative effects on employment outcomes and many other aspects of later life.

So, what is being done and how effective are new Scottish initiatives?

At this event we reported on our own research in Scotland. We were focusing on the experiences and outcomes of young people in two skills development programmes, one delivered by a college and one by a local council.

The event included presentations from a training provider and from the Convenor of The Education and Lifelong Learning Committee for the Youth Parliament.

We concluded by having what we hope will be a lively discussion, bringing everything discussed together.

This event was of interest to practitioners and policy-makers working in the field of youth transitions, adult education, employability and lifelong learning.

Please follow this link to read the summary of the event.

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Tea and Coffee available from 09.30am

10.00am     Welcome (Professor Sheila Riddell, Director of CREID, Co-Investigator of the ENLIVEN project)

10.05am     Introduction of the ENLIVEN project (Dr Ellen Boeren, Deputy Director of CREID, Principal Investigator of the ENLIVEN project)

10.15am    Post-school transition programmes for young people on the margins – evidence from Scotland (Alan Mackie ─ Research Associate, CREID, University of Edinburgh)

10.35am     Q&A

10.45am     Tea and Coffee

11.05am    Delivering the Activity Agreement in East Lothian (Karen Brown ─ Activity Agreement Implementation Officer, East Lothian Council)

11.20am    No Wrong Path (Chris Costello ─ MSYP / Deputy Convenor of the Education and Lifelong Learning Committee, The Scottish Youth Parliament)

11.35am     Group Discussion and Feedback

12.30pm     Wrap up

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