EPALE have recently published a blog article written by Richard Hazledine of ConnectMore Solutions, who presented with Sharon Clancy at the ENLIVEN final conference in Brussels in September on joint work between the University of Nottingham, the Young and Successful (YaS) project (led by Groundwork Greater Nottingham) and himself. The opportunity to write the blog arose following an invitation from Simon Broek at the conference.

The blog outlines Richard’s journey, as the YaS evaluator, towards the development of the Maslow model as part of the Young and Successful project and also explores the support of the Nottingham ENLIVEN team, particularly Claire Palmer and Sharon, in developing robust evaluation and understanding of young peoples’ barriers and enablers to the labour market. Claire was instrumental in developing a decision tree analysis model which helped identify 3 key features which support young people most distant from the labour market ─ having worked before, good mental health and confidence.

Richard hopes that the article will attract comments or points for discussion and it would be really useful if Enliven colleagues could have a look and respond.