Round table discussion

Cross sectoral dimension of LLL policies in Slovakia: Coordination for effective policy tools supporting adults in acquiring 21st century skills

The key host of the round table discussion was Professor Sir Alan Tuckett, Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) recognised for his contributions in the area of adult education. Invited participants included experts and policy makers working in the area of lifelong learning, adult skills and adult education. The discussion had focus on low qualified adults and youth. The Centre of Social and Psychological Science SAS (CSPS) organised this event in cooperation with Lifelong Learning Division of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport, Association of Adult Education Institutions (AIVD) and SAIAAC.

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The current and future challenges of economic and social development in Slovakia imply new and urgent learning needs that need to be accommodated at the policy level by new frameworks, programmes and instruments supporting access to and participation in relevant learning opportunities. The need for lifelong learning and adult education support receives increasing attention also in connection to the weak performance of Slovakia in lifelong learning participation ET2020 targets (4% participation in 2018, against 15% benchmark).

Provision of 21st century skills and qualification to adults, especially to young, low skilled adults and other disadvantaged adults is of particular concern in Slovakia. Strengthened cooperation and coordination across key policy actors and sectors would allow for stronger synergies and improved effectiveness and efficiency of policy measures. Supporting more equity and efficiency in adult education is a necessary condition for improved skills of adults.

The roundtable discussion brought into attention the need for pilot projects that would allow for testing solutions improving outreach to most vulnerable adults and their participation in lifelong learning activities