A brief summary of the event:

2nd Enliven Youth Panel was held in Košice Slovakia. Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences organised the meeting supported by the Labour office in Košice. We met with young NEETs who recently took part in of the programmes implemented within the Youth Guarantee called Reštart+.  The Programme Reštart+ provided access to career guidance in individual and group meetings that took place in the course of 3 months. We discussed the barriers these young job seekers face in developing their careers and how they perceive their learning opportunities.

More information:

We met with young NEETs who were about to successfully finish the programme and who were together in the group meetings. During the discussions young people confirmed that career guidance has been missing in their previous education pathways and the programme they took part has been beneficial. Most participants communicated that they would further benefit from better access to information about adult education programmes. There have been large variations within the group in terms of skills and gravity of personal barriers and the most vulnerable participants found it hard to share their experience and communicate in the group. One of the participants volunteered to share his experience in a video which is accessible at ENLIVEN website.